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An epic saga in five volumes, by Élisabeth Vonarburg

Fascinating... a real treasure, a meticulously created society.
- Marion Zimmer Bradley

      "Last night I had an extraordinary dream. It was on a planet that was completely flooded by a gigantic tide. But no one died". (Élisabeth Vonarburg, Journal, 1964)

Tyranaël 1 : Les Rêves de la Mer (Dreams of the Sea)


Illustration : Jacques Lamontagne

Eïlai Liannon Klaïdaru was still a child when she first dreamed of the Strangers. She didn't suspect then that those dreams would change the fate of her world, Tyranaël.

The overcrowded Earth is trying to disperse its population : Virginia, in the Aquila constellation, is open to colonization. But who are the builders of the strange cities that were found everywhere ? And why did they disappear ?

At the end of her life, Eïlai has gathered the memory plates telling of the dramatic arrival of the Strangers. Alas, none of them states clearly when will occur...

The Terran ship Nostos is orbiting the planet when the first tragedy occurs. What is this Sea that appears out of nowhere, neutralizes all electrical energy near it... and kills if you touch it ?

Élisabeth Vonarburg
Les Rêves de la Mer
(Dreams of the Sea)
363 pages, $14.95

Tyranaël 2 : Le Jeu de la Perfection (A Game of Perfection)

Illustration : Jacques Lamontagne

The Terrans have been settled on Virginia for two centuries, but the indigenous fauna still flee from them as if they had the plague.

Under a small circus tent, however, Eric and his friends perform extraordinary acts with kitdogs, scentbirds and even unicorns ! What can their secret be ?

Old Simon Rossem knows : he has been protecting these mutants for a long time, helping them to develop their emerging gifts. But is it really for this task that he has acquired the ability to come back to life after an apparently normal death ?

While the mutants want to ensure their future by proclaiming Virginia's independence, Rossem turns toward the past : the reason for his longevity, and all the various mutations that are occurring, might be found in the memory plates left by the Ancients, the vanished natives.

Élisabeth Vonarburg
Le Jeu de la Perfection
(A Game of Perfection)
320 pages, $14.95

Tyranaël 3 : Mon Frère l'ombre (Brother Shadow)

Illustration : Jacques Lamontagne

The inhabitants of Virginia have had no contact with Earth for centuries. In the cities, towns and villages of the main continent, order and peace seem to be reigning. However, there are still ghettos where the stoneheads, descendants of Terrans who came a long time ago to try to reconquer the planet, live in segregation.

Mathieu, who believes he's one of these stoneheads, has escaped from a School where he was held and drugged. Pretending to have amnesia, he manages to blend into Virginian society, where he hopes to understand why he was treated that way.

His determined quest forces him to choose sides in the secret war that has been going on for centuries between two mutant factions, the Greys, and the Rebbims. And, most importantly, he will discover a bridge that leads to the world of the Ancients...

Élisabeth Vonarburg
Mon frère l'ombre
(Brother Shadow)
353 pages, $14.95

Tyranaël 4 : L'Autre Rivage (The Other Shore)

Illustration : Guy England

Since Mathieu passed over to the world of the Ancients two centuries ago, many Virginians have done the same. But while the two races surprisingly are able to interbreed, their descendants, from one generation to the next, have gradually lost their psychic abilities.
This is the case for little Lian, to his mother's great despair : for a Rani, there is no worse fate than to be exiled forever from the Sea.

But for Lian, the bad thing is rather to feel excluded from a society he loves more than everything else. Would he find a better place on the other side, he wonders, on Virginia ?
But until now, the crossing has always been a one-way journey...

Élisabeth Vonarburg
L'Autre Rivage
(The Other Shore)
443 pages, $15.95

Tyranaël 5 : La Mer allée avec le soleil (The Sea, Gone with the Sun)

Illustration : Jacques Lamontagne

After centuries of conflict, peace reigns at last on Virginia and, thanks to the Sea, communications are now possible with Atyrkelsaõ and the Ancients.

Granddaughter of a bridger born on that other side of the Sea, Taïriel has never shown any special powers and she intends to banish herself to Lagrange, the orbital station. But a brief affair with Samuel, a young telepath with a mysterious past, is going to mess up her plans. Who is he, really ? What relation is there between him and Ktulhudar, the legendary demigod of the Ancients ? And why does Taïriel experience these waking dreams that leave her helpless, horrified by the violence of her visions ?

La Mer allée avec le soleil (The Sea, Gone with the Sun) : the amazing conclusion of the epic Tyranaël saga, and the unveiling of all its mysteries.

Élisabeth Vonarburg
La Mer allée avec le soleil
(The Sea, Gone with the Sun)
438 pages, $15.95