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When literature goes to « Genre »

You like Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror ?
Or Mysteries and Thrillers ?

That's what we publish at ALIRE.

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Leader of Genre Literature in French North America,
Alire publishes many exciting authors who write SF, Fantasy and Horror,
but also Detective, Crime & Mystery novels.
Alire is located in the Québec city area and since 1996,
we have put on the market about 180 titles.

But you probably already know some of our authors through their works translated into English.

The most famous of them is Élisabeth Vonarburg. In the U.S., Bantam published three of her novels, all translated by Jane Brierley : The Silent City, In the Mothers' Land (Philip K. Dick 1993 Jury's Special Award), and The Reluctant Voyagers (1995 Aurora Award). In English Canada, where In the Mothers' Land is known as The Maerlande Chronicles, all three were published under the Tesseract Book imprint, plus Slow Engines of Time, a collection of her short fictions. In the U.K., The Silent City was published in 1990 by the Women's Press.

We have also published Tyranaël, her five-book series – numbering some 2000 pages ! The saga tells the story of the colonization of the planet Tyranaël, whose native inhabitants mysteriously vanished one century before the arrival of Earthmen, though nobody knows why... or where they went ! This is a magnificent saga boasting complex plots, superb mysteries, a witty sense of wonder, and many unforgettable characters. In 2005-2007, Reine de Mémoire, an impressive novel of historical fantasy in five books, gained three major prices in Canada.

Other great authors published by Alire are available in English : Esther Rochon – take a look at The Shell, a remarkable novella translated by David Lobdell for Oberon Press –, Yves Meynard, whose short stories have graced such SF magazines as Edge Detector, On Spec and Tomorrow (his unforgettable fantasy novel The Book of Knights, published by Tor in 1998, is available in french through our catalogue), and Sylvie Bérard with Of Wind en Sand (Edge, 2009), translation of Terre des Autres, a winner of three major french canadian awards.

Presently, we are publishing several authors not yet available in translation : Jean-Jacques Pelletier (The Apocalypse's Managers), Quebec's best thriller writer, Joël Champetier (White Skin was made into a movie with numerous prizes for his director and producer Daniel Roby), and Patrick Senécal, described by some critics as the major French-language writer of horror and suspense (Sur le seuil was a french blockbuster movie in 2003, 5150, rue des Ormes in 2009 and The Seven Days of Talion in 2010). The rights to The Passenger, Aliss, Oniria, The Void and have also been sold).

We also translate in French many great authors :
Guy Gavriel Kay and Marie Jakober (fantasy),
Liz Brady, Len Deighton, Rick Mofina, Peter Sellers and Eric Wright (Crime & Mystery),
Sean Stewart and Leona Gom (Science Fiction)
and Nancy Kilpatrick (Horror).

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